Chapter IV – Melchizedek

, Chapter IV – Melchizedek

This Melchizedek priest-king order is still a mystery to all. So many think that they are going to be this priest of the Most High. How can one be a priest of the Most High when they still want to reflect the tyranny of Jehovah-God of good and evil, do this and I will bless you; don’t do this or I will curse you and kill you. This is not the priest of El-Elyon, the Most High. Who is the Most High God? He is a Supreme Being, an Elohim, the one of all. I am this universal consciousness that is Christ, the anointing in all men. I am in the breath that is in the nostrils of all men. This priesthood of Melchizedek will be the expression of all that I am. I mean all creation itself. I am all that creation is. The new creation man is creation itself! Selah. FOR ALL CREATION AWAITS THE MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD AND THEY ARE THIS MELCHIZEDEK ORDER OF PRIESTS THAN WILL AND NOW ARE APPEARING IN THE EARTH. I want to say a little about this order. The structure of a new day is this, you have Christ the first fruits. What is this? It is those who experience this regeneration that comes through the cerebrospinal fluid and brings immortality and incorruption into the body. This will be the first fruit company who are symbolized by the 120 in the upper room. And the upper room is in your head, That holiest of holies. It’s that bridal chamber where the son is born or birthed into existence of who you really are. And this I say unto you, not everyone is going to be a Melchizedek priest. It is only those who have heard the calling and have answered the calling to come into this priesthood. It is these that are the kings and priests of Christ, the anointing; and shall rule and reign in the earth, your earth, your world within you. For all of creation groans for this manifestation within themselves. Then you have the next group symbolized by the 3,000 who shall administer the order of the people at large. You could say as this present-day civilization crumbles, so too will a new one be raised up like what is symbolized by Thoth in the Emerald Tablet writings. Remember I showed you that in the fifth-dimension consciousness, small communities will be protected by an invisible type of bubble around the community and the surrounding countryside. This bubble is created energy from the priests of the Most High by their thought in meditation. They will bless the people with bread and wine, that is the word and spirit that produces this life with love, peace, and harmony. It will be available to all who dwell inside this bubble dome. Just as man creates this-high pressure dome to cause heat and drought, so too will this people, this priesthood create this dome that is the state of paradise, heaven on earth. And again, as this first-fruit or regeneration comes forth, then many others will fulfill this experience as they come into this. But the Melchizedek order is only a few chosen for this priesthood and to bring this kingdom of heaven into the earth so all may love in this state of being, of eternal existence. UNDER THIS PRIESTHOOD THE WHOLE SOCIAL STRUCTURE OF THE WORLD WILL CHANGE. THIS IS WHY THE GOVERNMENTS OF THIS PRESENT WORLD SYSTEM ARE TRYING TO KILL AS MANY PEOPLE AS IT CAN TO KEEP THIS PRIESTHOOD FROM COMING FORTH. And as you see every kind of fear is used on the people, you know, chemtrails, GMO’s and so on. This is why it is important to know that there is nothing outside of you that can hurt you, except you give it power over you. And all this propaganda is used to put fear in you. It’s fear and nothing else. If you give it power in you, it will rule you. And perfect love casts out fear. The only truth is infinite love., everything else is an illusion. As you can see, I want you to know these secrets and mysteries about the illusion of the matrix mind and the energy consciousness that is in this Melchizedek priesthood. Until man realizes that this third- dimension reality is an illusion, holographic projected, they will not understand this Christ Consciousness of this fifth dimension and how it works in this Melchizedek consciousness. Truly it is a consciousness of the Most High Supreme Being to recreate something different. As for now, I will stop. But as you are ready and able, I will give you more. The holographic reality is created and projected through the indoctrination of education and religious beliefs that add to the illusion of the matrix. And because the matrix is an indoctrination through the information that forms your beliefs or belief system that creates the reality within your mind, and you live out of that reality in your life. You are taught you have limitations, and you are born or brought into a system that imprisons you into this false chaos world of illusion. As you have seen and are seeing many are stuck within their lives or minds thinking that they must keep doing something, keeping their minds from being still and seeking to notice who and what you are, and why you are here in the third dimensional realm. You are made to think that you have limitations and are subject to ageing, and that you were born, and you will die. In reality, you are ageless, and you have come to awaken to the purpose and plan that I have you come for. There are no limitations, for the only limitations there are, are the ones you have believed and formed within your own mind. You know; I can’t do this, I can’t do that, I can’t eat this, and I can’t eat that, and so on. you put yourself in a box of beliefs of do’s and don’ts. But this is part of the indoctrination of this world plus you take information from the television, computer, education, and the people around you, and you create your own reality. Here is something to think on: Is fire real? And can it hurt you? Selah! Because if everything is holographic projected, it seems real. There is heat isn’t there? But again, this is sensory   projected from within your mind. It looks like the fire consumes things. But does it? There is much fear of nuclear war, but why? Is it because of the intense fire and heat? Just think of the Buddhist priest in Japan when that atomic bomb was dropped; it was reported that when he saw the flash, he closed his eyes and was not harmed, but why not? Because he went beyond his mind and beliefs that the fire would hurt him. He was free of the control of the finite mind. if you think fire will hurt you, then your mind will create the reality of it or your beliefs in it. This is why I am telling you to get rid of all beliefs and think on this, that there is nothing outside of you that can hurt you, except you give it power over you. And you do that in your mind because you were indoctrinated into the belief that fire will hurt you. Now I do not want you to go out and try this, but if it ever comes to this point where you are faced with this, then you can walk through this without any ill effects from the smoke and fire. Now remember this; your reality is whatever you believe it is. AND IF YOU ARE TO BE A FIRST FRUIT OF ITS KIND, THEN YOU MUST LET GO OF YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM AND COME TO A PLACE WHERE YOU KNOW BY DIRECT REVELATION AND EXPERIENCE THAT THIS IS TRUE OR NOT. This is true mind renewal or repentance to where you are reprogrammed by what I am speaking to you now, or you could say it this way, I am brainwashing you from the lies of the holographic projected matrix system of control. I have been working with you about creating a new state of being in your experience, like paradise on earth. This will be holographic projected and will still be an illusion, because it will be within you. As you know already there is no “out there”, but that it is all in you, inside your head. For now, I tell you that you can create any type of illusion you like, an illusion of paradise or an illusion of a prison mentality, of do’s and don’ts, I can, or I can’t. There is no time, for time is an illusion of reality. It doesn’t exist except in your mind. As you can see, it still controls you to some degree. You know in days, months, and years. Same too with age. There is no age to speak of, but it is an illusion and process of your mind. As you think you’re so old, your holographic mind projects into your mind projected body. This is how you should be and look. It’s still an illusion created in your mind. And once you know this, and not believe this, then you are being totally set free of the matrix illusion. This is truly freeing your mind from the programmed reality. Just understand, that the kingdom of heaven will still be a holographic projection into your matrix, but your state of being will change. How you understand it will determine how you go about creating the experiences that you choose to have. Your state of being always changes; and try not to recreate what you once experienced. That is going back into the past and you don’t want to do that but keep going forward by always living in your present moment of now. Change isn’t coming, change is come, and change is always now.  Now I want to say this about the Melchizedek king-priesthood and how it fits into this holographic projected matrix system. It boils down to this; he was a king priest in his world. He was the king of Salem, the king of peace. And Jesus Christ is a pattern of this king-priest that is to come into the earth. He had no past, nor did he have a future, but he lived in the power of an endless life. This is you if you can hear it. This is the first fruit, that expression that I Am. But here is the point; in the matrix movie, Neo was told he was the chosen one, the savior that would come to save the world. In the story of Jesus, they, that is the people thought he would set up the kingdom. Now, in reality, you will bring forth the kingdom of heaven into your world, into the world you live in. And like I said before, there are those who think they are the first fruits but aren’t because of their religious beliefs. And you must let go of all your beliefs if you are to be an expression that I am in you. You must be free of the brainwashing that you received through the indoctrination of the matrix system of education in telling you who and what you’re to be. You must be cleansed of this in order for you to come into the state of being that this Melchizedek order represents for you to rule and reign in your earth, your world. YOU MUST BE WILLING TO GIVE UP ALL, TO HAVE ALL THAT I AM, FOR I AM THIS MELCHIZEDEK ORDER, AND YOU AND I ARE ONE.  Not two, but one. Just as that woman said last night, I have to ” do this and “do that and go here and go there. Where is the surrendering to my will for change? If she knew that she was called to this order, believe me she would be willing to give up her self-will in control of her life. But it is not only her, it is all of humanity, except for those who heard the calling into this king-priesthood order. It is different than what has been told to you and others about this order. The illusion of life and the 3D holographic projection is a deep, deep mystery and how I dwell in it.




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