Chapter II – Frequencies, Patterns, and Manifestations of The Holographic Consciousness

, Chapter II – Frequencies, Patterns, and Manifestations of The Holographic Consciousness

In the last dialogue that I spoke to you is that all life is energy that vibrates at various frequencies. But here is what I want you to look at with understanding; frequencies have their own patterns and manifestations. IN THE DEFINITION OF A HOLOGRAM IS THAT A HOLOGRAM IS A PATTERN THAT IS WHOLE AND COMPLETE UNTO ITSELF, AND YET IT IS PART OF A GREATER PATTERN. Frequencies have their own pattern, right? What is out there are frequencies that are converted in your head. Your brain is holographic and what you have inside your head is like a television and you form a hologram of what you see inside your brain, and project it outside of yourself, and call it reality, when in reality there is nothing out there as you know it. It’s all within your mind on that television screen called the matrix. Life is but a dream, an illusion, this is why from moment to moment I ask you, is this real or is it Memorex? You live in a holographic consciousness, which is the Christ consciousness, or better yet, you are a manifestation of consciousness observing consciousness. So, your reality that you decode within your brain from the frequency field coming into a physical world is just a holographic illusion. In other words, what you see is not really out there. Your perception of all things must change. You must get rid of any belief system that keeps you locked into this third dimensional realm of limitation, because you as a universal conscious being of the Most High is infinite. Or infinity itself is as I am infinite and infinity. This is why the Hebrew people called me Ain Soph, the unknowable God. As I am, so are you in this dimension. If you realized just how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought again. And this is very true, if you truly could see within yourself how your thoughts, those thought forms, that hold a picture, your imaginations, you would be a gatekeeper into what you see within yourself. Thoughts are things. And just like in “the Secret”, that book and movie on it, the principle of the law of attraction is this, you attract to you by the image (thought forms) you are holding in your mind or brain, and since your brain is a hologram, you project it into your television matrix screen outwardly (per se) into your so-called reality. And it is stated that thoughts have a frequency, that is every thought has a frequency, and it is energy. YOU CREATE YOUR OWN UNIVERSE ALONE, YOUR WORLD, YOUR BODY, YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES ARE ALL CREATED AND FORMED FROM YOUR THOUGHTS AND IMAGINATIONS, THOSE THOUGHT-FORMS OF PICTURES THAT COME WITH THOUGHT. So, when you do realize fully that you are a consciousness having an experience in the physical body, your mind will start to open and see that you are truly an infinite being of light; this man, this light body that I have shown you. In seeing this within yourself, you become what you see. Why do you think I speak to you in so many ways about this regeneration experience that comes through the cerebrospinal fluid as it is empowered by the Kundalini energy? It’s to let you see, and what you see you project into your so-called body, and as Einstein said, you are the creation of your own imaginations. This is holographic projection out of the Christ Consciousness that truly is holographic. This is the month of March, the end of one life, and the beginning of awakening as the sun continues the ascension to the right hand of the Father (The Most High), the summer solstice. So, all things become new, restoring vital energy into the body. This is why it is important to take in the UV rays of the sun’s electromagnetic light frequencies that helps replenish the system with vital minerals and elements of the universe, those light photons that help restore spiritual truth to who and what you are. Much understanding is coming to you as this new spring season comes upon all of the northern hemisphere of this world. I am showing you the depths and the mysteries of my mind. For there is only one mind and that is the universal mind of the Great I Am. And I am truly you; for as I have said, I will be who I will be as you. That will be perfect and complete. Isn’t this wonderful to have this communion in a place that is free from exterior noise, so you can commune with me in and spirit, in those vibrational patterns of light that I speak out of, and this is nothing like religion has or doesn’t want you to know or even both. When you come to this place you find your true liberty of spirit and a freedom of Source in the spirit of it. This is God and man becoming the true God/ man, the Lord God of the Earth. You could very well say, this is the Melchizedek king priesthood ministry, the bread and wine of the spirit.

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