Chapter III – Belief Systems

, Chapter III – Belief Systems

Man has a belief system he believes in. This is why the governments use the different types of media to influence a person’s beliefs into something, and the religious system also has imputed a belief into you. Plus, the scientific world puts out reports about this and that. But does it, or is it this belief system that causes it to manifest that way? Do you know for sure? Do you not believe that this is true? Or is this all an illusion within the mind or brain? Remember the brain is a memory bank that holds all of this information that is important to know because it is used in the holographic brain to project this illusion that you believe in. But if I give you a thought you know first that it will be different than what is stored in your memory bank, and if you accept it, it will begin to create something different than what you see and experience now. Let’s continue with the subject on belief. The term belief structure is used because in addition to the belief that is held, the way it is held causes a particular effect. The mind holds this belief. The way you hold your belief is how it is going to manifest as your reality. This is why I’m telling you to get rid of all, I mean all beliefs because it will kill you. It does not matter if it is religion or in things in everyday living. Did I tell you this, or did you hear it from man? Just remember most men and women live out of a belief system of some kind. BUT I AM SETTING A PEOPLE FREE FROM THEIR BELIEF SYSTEM BECAUSE I AM TEACHING THEM TO HEAR. AND IF YOU HEAR ME SPEAK, THEN YOU KNOW AND NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING THAT COMES ACROSS AT YOU. I am still in this aspect of creative consciousness, or creative imagination. Imagination is the faculty of imaging, which is the ability of forming images and sensations when they are not perceived through sight, hearing, or other senses, the illusion of mind. The material of creation is the energy consciousness the mind creates as illusion that you think and believe is real. This is the world and your reality. It is all holographic projected into the matrix screen of life. So now I want to say that you have crossed over from the third-dimension illusion to the fifth-dimension illusion which is all in consciousness. Or I could say it this way, you have passed from death into life, or into a whole new way of thinking. But it comes out of a knowing and believing. Once you come into this fifth dimension, into the dream state, and remember life is but a dream- anything can be created through this creative imagination. after all, this is my mind that you are aware of as your existence. This is something you know by experience; it becomes your reality. Don’t be upset when someone doesn’t agree yet. Because they are stuck in their belief system and if I don’t release them from it and reveal this to them, then they will perish in the wilderness and only come back to do this again. You are a conscious being out of the mind that is all. But yet your world is how you see it in yourself. Every person sees their world differently and creates it according to how they see it. It’s just like witnessing an accident and will describe it as they saw it; no two testimonies will be alike, but different in some way or another. Consciousness isn’t a word; it is literally the very “substance” where all existence goes on. It is all done within your mind. This is why whatever you hold in your mind, will tend to occur in your life, because you are the creator of your own world. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. And this is in your brain or mind. There is no experience of existence without thought. Everything starts with a thought, and you think in pictures, don’t you? When you have a thought in your mind, you also have an image that goes with it and it is projected into the matrix screen of life. And this is your world that you imagine into being real. But is it real or Memorex? This is the question you must answer yourself. Here is something else, time and space are in your mind only. This is where the idea came from about age, you were born and supposedly it turns on the time machine within you but in reality, it doesn’t happen. Because this moment of time is all in your head and really doesn’t exist in the eternal plane of now. It’s like past and future exist only in your head and your belief in it. For how can a spirit being (spirit consciousness) exist in a plane of past and future, death and birth? All of man’s laws are structures on the age of a person; you can’t do this until you are a certain age and so on. But why when you are an eternal consciousness who has no beginning and no death? And as you know that your body is sculpted by thought and is projected out of your brain into the so-called body by the hologram in your brain. you are a holographic projection of what you look like inside of you. if you do not like how you look, change the way you view yourself. So, what is this place? It is nothing but in your head your whole world is all in your consciousness. There is nothing real outside of this, if you don’t believe this just shut your eyes and see what is outside of you. The answer is nothing, for it is all inside of your head. THE MATRIX WON’T CONTROL YOU ONCE YOU REALIZE THAT THIS IS AN ILLUSION AND YOU ARE CREATING IT. People think that you are crazy and deceived. They don’t realize they are creating their own reality. You scare people when you tell them they are the God of their own world, and they can create anything they want in it. And because you know about the matrix, you can create any illusion you like. You can create a paradise, this new world coming, and now is. And let me say this, this is the new world, the state of being or the Kingdom of God into manifestation through the holographic projection into the divine matrix of life. Or you can go on to create a prison illusion in which all of humanity is stuck in, but there are many beginning to awaken to this reality. All is an illusion. But the question is which one do you want to create? But whatever you choose to create in your mind is still an illusion. And an illusion it is, when one hologram program is ended, another starts. So, in reality, even the so-called physical death is also an illusion that is created in your mind. Even the so-called heaven that people think they are going to when they die is also an illusion because it exists in my mind, a universal Christ Consciousness that is also holographic and projected into the matrix screen of life within all people. If you do a deep study of the scriptures, especially the Hebrew scriptures, the Hebrew letter code and their arrangement is one way to change your present-day illusion of this matrix system that controls the minds of men. Even the religious system is designed in this matrix system to keep them in the prison of their mind of beliefs and believing in the ancient scriptures as literal when it is holographic projected from my mind? This whole experience you just walked through is to awaken you to the truth which is all an illusion. You knew of it, but now you know. It’s not your job to make anyone believe this but to provoke the people to think, that they create their reality on the matrix screen of life. If you try to get some to believe this, then you are trying to control them, and you don’t want to do that, but set them free. Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of God, of the kingdom and how I as God manifest in the flesh. It starts in the gospels, repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand-it now is. It’s not coming, or you’re going to it, but it is here in your now. It is all wrapped up in the mystery of the divine matrix and how it is projected out of my mind. in reality, conscious awareness never moves or goes anywhere. When you think you’re moving, in reality the scenery moves with a 3D Holographic sensory imagery and allows for the perception of movement and space to be given within a sequence of events perceived as time. You know it is said, there is nowhere to go because I am already here Now in tablet II in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth it says- taste not of death except as you desire. And then it says take up life in what form you desire. Remember that forever is associated in the Greek with eons, ages. Selah! It says you have the power and strength for the ages; and that you do not have to taste death, the shedding of your earth suit and you can take up life again in what form you desire., whatever race of people you want to reappear in. You have the power and wisdom to be eternal. This is all in that dark-void-place of nothing, can you receive this? Because if you can then you know that there is nothing outside of you that can hurt you. Wasn’t it said in the You Tube videos that once you understood the control of the matrix system you are not affected so much by it. I am a shield and a refuge when you dwell in the dark place of nothingness, and you are silent in your mind. I create light and darkness, good and evil. I create both, why? Because you create the world you live in and were taught by the system to live in it. AND SINCE I DWELL IN YOU, I CREATE WHATEVER YOU WHISPER IN MY EAR; OR LET’S SAY I CREATE WHAT YOU THINK AND SPEAK. THE SYSTEM OF RELIGION WILL NOT TELL YOU THIS BECASUE THEY OPERATE OUT OF THE MATRIX CONTROL SYSTEM. Now it is written, repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand, or now present. You must change the way you think and view things in third dimension reality. You possess eternal power and strength and knowing this by experience is about as powerful as you can get. For the kingdom of heaven as your state of being is a quality-of-life that comes with the fifth dimension Christ Consciousness. And truly this so-called death experience has awakened you to this reality of a long full life in this body as long as you desire, or you can go on to the next possibility in the matrix life form. Just understand in creating this new world that you have an unlimited wisdom and knowledge to create paradise or create a prison of hell. Many have heard this in themselves and created a prison of hell and perished from this realm of form to only come back to do it again. But it was their choice to create this invisible prison of the mind and then give-up the ghost in this body never fulfilling their mission to create a state of being of paradise on earth in their body. It’s sad but true. I must have people who will understand that the regeneration of the body through the cerebrospinal fluid by the Kundalini energy will give you the power and strength to stay in the body for hundreds and even thousands of years. For it is written the Levitical priesthood did not minister but a short time. And the Levitical priesthood is the present-day church. The Melchizedek priesthood is an age-abiding priesthood that can last for thousands of years as Thoth, the king-priest of Atlantis. I ask, who is serious about this? You know, how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go with this? The Emerald Tablets are there to reveal its secrets to show you the way into an endless state of being to come and go as the wind and this is done in the body and out of the body. For you will see all things will change as you now know it. And none of it will harm you because you dwell in the secret place of the Most High. And it is hidden in the dark void place of nothing. You are seeing that there are those who think you are crazy and off the wall when you talk about a holographic mind and this illusion that is projected inside your head and makes this appear real in the third dimensional consciousness, and as you know, or going to know, that there are many dimensions to the consciousness of mind. Because in the darkness of the nothingness is who I am, and I am all creation in all dimensions that is projected out of myself. This is not religion, but a mystery of how I as God manifest in your flesh, and in all flesh, and in fact all creation. The scriptures are a hidden code that can and will reprogram the minds of those who are willing to get rid of the doctrines, dogma, and beliefs of liberalism. As you know there is a presence in working with the Hebrew Letter code. And as you know, it is about letting go of things that were programmed into your mind as reality. To be a priest of the Most High you must be free of any and all belief systems. Even the idea of world chaos, or political issues or religious doctrines and beliefs, you must be free of all beliefs to operate out of the Christ Consciousness and manifest the purity of the I AM. Jesus in the gospels is an example of this consciousness manifesting in man, and truly I am freeing you from the program of this world. You are one of many who is come to provoke the mind of the people. And believe me, they get twisted.

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