Not all so-called believers will be a priest of the Most High; only those who are called and chosen to walk through the process of getting to this point now. For not all will be able to walk through the process, for the trials are hard. This is how you are prepared for it, in order that you may be one of the chosen to experience regeneration that comes through the cerebrospinal fluid that is quickened by the Kundalini energy that anoints this place in your brain, called the Most Holy Place. This is the initiation of wisdom consciousness, which is the fifth-dimension consciousness of my mind. You could very well say that this experience of regeneration is what will open the door in your mind to this Melchizedek order that I am bringing you into. Most people think they will rule and reign with Me as Christ, but they are not. You must come through the process of fiery trials to be proven for this life-giving ministry. It is a bread and wine ministry, where you impart this immortal knowledge to those who come to you. And another reason for the fiery process is the kingship of the order. You shall reign with Christ for a thousand years as a king-priest, ruling nations through the knowledge and wisdom of the Most High. If Melchizedek is a ministry of blessings, of peace, joy, love, and rest, in a world that has become tranquil because of this order of kingship, you will not be like the tyrannical governments that rule the nations of today; but you will rule through peace and love. This is why you have walked through what you have walked through so that my peace, love, and joy is well established within you. You are called and chosen to this order of Melchizedek. Here is something else, when the regeneration experience comes upon you, you will have entered into the first resurrection; for those will rule and reign with Christ, as Christ, in the earth. Christ is an anointing, not a person, and this is of this Melchizedek order. THE ALLEGORY PATTERN OF JESUS CHRIST PRESENTED IN THE NEW TESTAMENT IS THE PATTERN IN WHICH THIS MELCHIZEDEK IS FORMED FROM.HE REPRESENTS THE PATTERN SON OF THIS PERFECT REGENERATED MAN THAT IS TO COME INTO THE EARTH. And you have entered into the season of this experience. I surely want you to understand what awaits you as this experience comes upon you. When it does, I will spend time with you training you how to walk in this powerful anointing. I have done much to destroy the old man, that old nature that you walked in all your earthly life. This death experience has done just that, destroyed the selfish old man. He is now dead. The initiation into this king-priest order of Melchizedek is through fiery trials and regeneration of the body. So, look for it, for it is now coming to you, so be ready, for in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, you shall be changed. Your mortal puts on immortality, and corruption puts on incorruption, and in this you can arise and shine, for your light is come; for the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.